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Paragraph Repair and Acronyms in Immerision

I've been recently helping translate a paragraph for Spanish about the EFF dogging the FBI. However, one of the issues is that whenever the EE.UU. (USA) is mentioned, it breaks up the sentences that need to be translated as a whole. This has also been a problem with other acronyms as well. What is the best way for translators to work around this, especially since sentence structure from one language will generally not follow the sentence structure of the language you're translating into.

July 13, 2013

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[deactivated user]

    I've had a similar problem translating from a German passage featuring several dates and Kaiser Wilhelm 2. German uses the period/dot to indicate ordinal numbers, so dates are written with a dot (the "first of January" is "Januar 1.") as are dynastic numbers (so Wilhelm the second is "Wilhelm II.") The sentence parser seems to recognize this some of the time, especially for dates, but often mistakes the dot for a period and decides the sentence has ended prematurely.

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