"Norrmännen är våra bröder."

Translation:The Norwegians are our brothers.

December 10, 2014

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And our bitter rivals, and our teamates, and our enemies, and our best friends. Is that right?


We have more of a traditional rivalry with Denmark and Finland actually. Especially in ice hockey, Finland is the rival.


Would you explain the rivalry thing? Like, does it stop a healthy relationship between the two cultures, or is it like a fun thing almost, like Ohio State and Michigan, if you have any idea of what I'm talking about.


It's more of a fun thing really. :) We like the Danes, Finns and Norwegians.


Denmark and Sweden have a history of war and land feuds, so it's unsurprising that a little friendly rivalry exists in modern day ;)


Like the relationship between the English and the French.


Except I don't think the French and English consider each other "brothers." lol


We're the kind of brothers who pick on each other mercilessly, but really love each other deep down.


I'm English and do, I love the French! We are like siblings that have our little sibling fights but love each other deep down :-)


More like the German and the French I'd say


Overall, Scandinavians feel closer to each other than they do to other nations. But we can always find things to quarrel about, like other families.


What about the language? Since in Finland there are people that speak swedish (or some finnish-swedish dialect) is there some kind of rivalry for the bilingual territories? Meaning Swedish people consider them more Swedish thanNorwegian and vice-versa?


There's no serious territorial rivalriy today, not even for the monolingually Swedish-speaking Åland Islands. Sweden's latest actual territorial dispute was settled almost a hundred years ago when the League of Nations decided that Åland should stay part of Finland. As for the rest of the question, I'm not sure I understand what you mean.


I didn't mean there's still territorial rivalry but when you are on a bilingual territory maybe you can identify more with one language than another so I was wondering if people that speak swedish in Finland maybe can be considered "less Finnish". You know, like people making jokes about Canadians from Quebec because they are "more French".


Oh, alright. I think they're not considered any less Finnish by themselves or others, but I'm not entirely sure how it works sociolinguistically.


It's starting again - something with reindeer, sami...


When I was a child, we called the people like that in our lives our "best frenemies". She was my best friend one day, my hated enemy the next, and back again.


Well, here is the good answer on the previous question why a norwegian architect is lying in my bed!


The three Scandianvian peoples have closely related languages, and therefore have a tradition of being 'brödrafolk', especially Swedes and Norwegians, who are the closest - linguistically. But we like to tease each other, making jokes, 'Norge-historier'


and what's wrong with "Norwegians are our brothers"?


That's in the indefinite.


Does Norrmännen refer to all Norwegians, or is it only Norwegian men?


I would presume the former, but it's possible to separate by gender through norrmännen and norskorna. As in many other languages, the male-only term is also the all-inclusive term.


Oh dear. I would have translated that second word as the Norwegian shoes had I not seen it here first.


Wondering why brethren is not accepted. (Yes, I bloody well know it is old fashioned, but I read works that use "old" words all the time, and use them myself as well.)


Because it's not just old-fashioned in this sense - it's downright archaic. :)


If you want to use it, why not translate du and dig using thou and thee ? :)


I think in English, the word brethren is really only used in religious situations these days, and this doesn't seem particularly religious.


I have to say this sentance warmed my heart, love the relationship between the Nordic countries


... och systrar

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