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"Kvinnan får en häst av sin man."

Translation:The woman receives a horse from her husband.

December 10, 2014



So, when they wrote this they were clearly watching season 1 of Game of Thrones.


Är det "hon får en häst från sin man" fel? if yes, could you please let me know WHY?! as far as I learned av mainly means of.


The normal preposition for the giver is av.
av and of sometimes correspond to each other, but far from always. You very often use of in constructions where we don't – you say a cup of coffee, we say en kopp kaffe. You say the capital of X-land, we can't use av for that, so we'd say huvudstaden i X-land instead. And so on.


Interesting "får" means "get". I wonder if it is related to the Irish word for 'get' - "fuair" (which sounds like 'foor').


Unfortunately, just a coincidence. According to wiktionary on faigh:

From Middle Irish fogbai, from Old Irish fo- (sub-, under-) and gaibid (to hold, to grasp).


I believe they it's not a coincidence and i don't see that wiki says this. All european languages descend from proto-indo-european language so yes they have same routs. Coincidences are not that often. Especially in linguistics.


to complete what IQAndreas said: "få" derives from the PIE-root "peh₂w-" in constrast to "gʰeh₁bʰ-", the PIE-root "faigh" derived from. and: no, coincidences are pretty often in linguistics. see for example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_cognate


If i wanted to say ... for her husband it would be till sin man?


Correct! "Hon ger en häst till sin man."


Can ‘får’ mean ‘get’ as in to buy? Or does it just mean to receive?


Is this the same meaning of får as in the second word of 'får får får'? Or is it another meaning entirely?


Would "fran" work in place of "av"? It was my initial thought. Of course prepositions are the worst :P


Yes, prepositions are the most difficult. I have the same question about using 'fran' instead of 'av.' I guess I'm trying to translate into English and the English equivalent doesn't always work.


could you say hon fick en hast av sin man


Why its 'av' but not från?


Perfectly normal phenomenon in northern Sweden.


why not, "got a.."


So av is from,off and of? Those are VERY different words


Could you use the word 'fran' instead of 'av' ? I see that others have asked this same question, but I'm not seeing a definite 'no' nor an explanation.


When do you use sin instead of hennes for "her"?


This site explains is very well, but using 'sin' would be 'her own' husband, where 'hennes' would be 'her (referring to another woman) husband" (https://www.thelocal.se/20170824/the-swedish-teacher-when-do-you-use-sin-sitt-and-sina)

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