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Family lesson

I just finished the Family skill and was wondering if a few additional vocabulary terms could be added. Most importantly of all, since wedding was one of our new words, could we get husband and wife? Similarly I'm curious about boyfriend and girlfriend, although I'm not sure if they fit in a "family" lesson per se; but I do think fiancé and fiancée should both in there too.

And while I don't expect or even want this next bit in a lesson, I'm also curious to know terms like "second cousin" and "cousin once removed" -- if you're not familiar with those, the former is your parent's cousin's child and the latter is either your own cousin's child or your parent's cousin. I can envision a cousin once removed being, for example, a kusinbarn or a morkusin, et cetera; but I have to imagine there's got to be a more appropriate term for the former than, say, morkusinbarn?

December 10, 2014



Fru is taught in lesson 2 of Family, husband is man so you sort of already know this word. Pojkvän & flickvän plus the more colloquial and ambiguous versions kille and tjej = boyfriend & girlfriend appear in People. fiancée and fiancé is fästmö and fästman, but they sound a bit old-fashioned.

A second cousin is a syssling (sometimes: tremänning). The next step after that is brylling which is a very funny word. If you go even further, or if you have some distant relative you don't really know what to call, there's an even funnier word, pyssling.

You're right that your cousin's children are your kusinbarn, but I don't really have a word for my parents' cousins.


Somehow I managed to get through the lesson without fru coming up. That's a Duolingo thing though... I sometimes get the same sentence five times and still don't manage to get all of the vocab words to come up -_-

Much thanks on the rest, too. Given my oddly-shaped family these words are actually quite useful to me :)


Where I'm from, pyssling is the next step after syssling and brylling is not used at all :)


Arnauti and Jitt, do you mind if I ask where you both are from? Particularly if either of you are from Skåne? I'm curious if there's a difference between the terms because it's svenska versus skånska or just that they're so uncommonly used that it basically just boils down to local usage.


I'm not from Skåne but I based what I said not so much on my own language as on various wikipedia articles. If I have any bryllingar or pysslingar, I'm not aware of them so I've never used any word to discuss them.


No, I'm not from Skåne. I'm from Uppland :)


Also see Lundgren8's comprehensive post on the subject of family relations.


It was actually right after seeing his post that inspired me to ask :) {Although, I did fail to notice his document was as long as it is... I didn't scroll down far enough to see he had second and third cousins on there}. Mostly I posted here instead of there because husband and wife seemed like good words to add to the lesson while we're still in beta ^_^

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