"Fifteen crabs swim in the water."

Translation:Snámhann cúig phortán déag san uisce.

December 10, 2014



What is the rule on when to lenite déag? I thought it would be here because phortán was.

December 10, 2014


If the word in front of it ends in a slender consonant or a vowel, you lenite. Trí mhí dhéag.


I'm confused. I thought that because san is i + an, and uisce is vowel-initial, that the t-prefix would be required. But apparently it doesn't? Can someone explain why san doesn't require a t-prefix?

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I don't know what the source of your confusion is - there aren't any circumstances in which uisce would cause a t-prefix on the word before it. uisce itself can get a t-prefix, but that won't affect other words.

There's also the fact that san isn't a noun, and, for the most part, you only apply a t-prefix to nouns and numbers.


No, I think you identified it - san isn't a noun or number, so uisce wouldn't get the t-prefix in this instance. Thank you! You're an awesome mod, btw!

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