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  5. "I cannot find my toothbrush."

"I cannot find my toothbrush."

Translation:Jag hittar inte tandborsten.

December 11, 2014



Why would I translate this sentence with the possessive instead of just " I can not find the toothbrush"?


Does anyone know the rule for replacing the possessive adjective (my) with definite article (the) as is done in Swedish in this sentence. I know this is correct since it's very commonly heard. When else does Swedish do this...say, apart from body parts? (Jag har ont i benet = My leg hurts.)


I've been trying to figure out a rule for as long as I've been helping teach Swedish, but I honestly have nothing - only that it's most common for body parts, as you say.


Can one say: Jag kan hitta inte min tandborste?


No. The inte has to go after the verb kan.

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