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Getting started

Maybe this is a stupid question but how do I start? I can't seem to begin translating

May 3, 2012



Click on Home, from there pick one of the available options such as "basics 1", inside that section there will be lessons available, but also to the side there will be a section called "translate from the web". Click on that and it will have sentences ready for you to help translate. Hope this helped.


Thanks for the help, but I can't click on 'basics 1'. Maybe it's a bug or something.


I tried to look at your activity, but don't see anything. Have you finished setting up your account? If you have, it should show you " Duolingo Home Translations Questions Follow People " at the upper left in the black bar. On the right, you should see your name "is learning" and the language you are currently learning.


I have the exact same problem. Not able to start first lesson as nothing is available to click on.


Same problem here, any solutions?


I had the exact same issue. In order to bypass this I did the following: -Under the Level section, there should be a shortcut button, usually this is a test to see if you are ready to skip other sections and move on.

-Take the shortcut test, (I used a translation tool online to get a few answers right) until you have failed the test using up all your hearts.

-When you go back to the German skill tree, you should see that you are able to start Basics 1

I'll be posting this step-by-step in another thread so people can find this information easier. Hope this helps you guys to start learning like me!

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