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  5. "Ich mag Wein aus Wien."

"Ich mag Wein aus Wien."

Translation:I like wine from Vienna.

December 11, 2014

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Good sentence for anybody getting Wein & Wien mixed up.


That's why I've added it :)

"ei" always sounds like "eye", and "ie" always sounds like "tea" without the "t", except when it's followed by an "r": the "ier" in "Bier" sounds similar to the "eer" in "beer" (imagine a British/RP accent).


Why is it wrong "i like THE wine"?


Because the German sentence contains no definite article, there's no reason to add one in English, and it wouldn't necessarily be the same sentence if we did.

I like wine from Vienna = I, generally speaking, like wine from Vienna (just the same as "I like books" doesn't necessarily mean I like ALL books)

I like the wine from Vienna = 1) I like all the wine from Vienna 2) I like a certain specific wine from Vienna, whose identity beyond being wine and being Viennese will be made known by the context.

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