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  5. "O carro é meu e só meu."

"O carro é meu e meu."

Translation:The car is mine and only mine.

July 13, 2013



Are só and somente interchangeable?


As an adverb, "só" and "somente" are the same.

  • Somente as meninas saíram = Só as meninas saíram.

As an adjective, "só" means alone, then it has a plural form. You can also say "a sós":

  • Gosto de ficar sozinho = Gosto de ficar só = Gosto de ficar a sós
  • Gostamos de ficar sozinhos = Gostamos de ficar sós = Gostamos de ficar a sós.


Can you not say O carro e o meu? (e with accent)


In English you could also express this The car is mine and mine alone.

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