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Show incorrect answers after lesson practice

If I do timed practice, I often keep going if I get a wrong answer and do not look why I got it wrong to save time. It would be nice to review incorrect answers after practice.

July 13, 2013



Even without timed practice, it's good for learners to see where they were wrong. Let us learn from our mistakes.


Agree, for untimed as well and for lessons - showing me what the sentence should have been does not always explain WHY it is the way it is


Not for timed practice, of course, but otherwise what helps most of all is to write down longhand each incorrect response, and then review these by writing out again longhand the ones that are tough to keep in mind. For some reason writing out by hand is really helpful for remembering.

It also helps to write down "preferred" translations, too--that is, responses that are acceptable to Duolingo, rather than PERFECTLY GOOD responses that Duolingo does NOT accept, just in case the same questions should be given again. :)


to write down longhand each incorrect response

But I'd have to put in work then!


Agreed. I think this would be good, not just for practice but for lessons also. I've noticed a lot of my mistakes are simple misunderstanding or typos. However, for the ones that are some what confusing, it would be very helpful to see exactly why a sentence is incorrect. I have notebooks for my vocabulary and and I just correct it if I get it incorrect. Some times I understand why and other times I'm not so sure why it was incorrect. It would be very helpful to see why a sentence is the the way it is, instead of just seeing it corrected.


Would love this.

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