"Förstod du vad hon sade?"

Translation:Did you understand what she said?

December 11, 2014

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In Stockholm I hear a lot of people saying "sa" instead of "sade". Can anyone comment on that?


Firstly, the TTS on this sentence is not very good at all. Förstod is supposed to be stressed at the second syllable, and the melody of the sentence is a bit weird.

Secondly, it's somewhat common to omit -de in past tense of regular verbs in spoken informal Swedish, letting context be the guide instead.

In the case of lade (laid) and sade (said), this is even the norm nowadays and it's accepted even in formal writing. Almost no one actually says sade/lade


Thank you very much for your more extended, detailed comment. I really appreciate getting a more in depth understanding of Swedish through this discussion section of Duo. :-)


Does förstår both mean understanding (like understanding the meaning of something) and hearing (as in the volume of the one talking is high enough so you can hear what is being said). I´m asking because in Dutch ´verstaan´ is literally a translation of förstår, but it means the latter, and I get the impression that förstår means mainly the former. Or can you use it for both?


In Swedish, it's used as in understanding the meaning of something. For the other use, you'd use "höra".


Thanks, very good to know. I just assumed it was related to verstaan so I say ´Jag förstår inte´ all the time when don´t hear what people are saying. Although to be fair I often don´t understand what they´re saying either... Working on that! And amazed at the quick responses every time! Tack tack!


Can't we say "understood what she said?"


Is another possibility "You understood what she said?" Thanks!


In my experience in English, if one used "you understood what she said?" it would communicate a degree of incredulity; a couple situations could be "did you really understand what she said - because I couldn't understand her" or "why are you acting that way - didn't you listen to what she said". So I think Duolingo is better not to accept that as an answer.


Yes, that's exactly how I would use it... and fair enough, I suppose it is an unusual case that probably shouldn't be an answer. Thanks for your response!


"Did you get what she said?" should also be accepted!


I kind of agree with this. Perhaps "get" in the meaning of "understand" is too informal to be accepted as a correct answer? I would maybe rather translate "Did you get what she said?" as "Fattade du vad hon sa?".


Why is this wrong? "Förstod du vad hon sa?"

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