December 11, 2014



The pronunciation of Roemenië is this audio is not correct !


Is there a rule about where to put the two dots in such a word - if they were on the i and not the last e would it affect the pronunciation?


In Dutch spelling it makes no sense to put a trema (dots) on a vowel right after a consonant. It is put on vowels that come after another vowel, indicating the letters don't form a single sound, but a new sound starts with the letter with the trema.

  • ie: one sound
  • ië: two sounds, i followed by e

From the thread about spelling by the course builders:

The trema

A trema is used to denote the separate pronunciation of two consecutive vowels. The trema is put on the vowel with which the a new syllable begins.

  • België
  • asteroïde
  • gecreëerd
  • geïnteresseerd

Explanation by Wikipedia on the usage of the trema in the Dutch spelling (in Dutch).


Thanks again - it's interesting because I also saw the word "ideeën" and I thought it was "ideëen"....


The first one indeed is the correct spelling as it is pronounced as a long ee (so two vowels) followed by a short e (one vowel).

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