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  5. "Nu vilar hon i frid."

"Nu vilar hon i frid."

Translation:Now she is resting in peace.

December 11, 2014



I hope there are some happier examples coming up...


I'm pretty sure that this is one of the saddest skills...


'Vila i frid!' is often said at burial ceremonies.


Is this what we would use to say that someone has died?


Not really. Usually the phrase hon har gått bort, is used which basically translates to she has gone away or she has passed away. It is considered the most polite way to address the death of a person.

Swedes in general don't tiptoe around the subject of death that much though. People can be pretty blunt even when talking about very serious issues.

I also like the slang expression hon har trillat av pinn, literally she has fallen off the branch.


Thanks, so this refers to someone who is alive, but is resting?


No, if she rests "i frid" she's dead alright, we just don't use this expression very often to say that somebody died.


Thanks for clearing this up!


I have a swede friend and when I told him that my granny died, we fight because , he was so cooooold about it. Sometimes I dont know when his behavior is cultural or personal. Now you claryfied this to me. Extremely different from my country. People would cry with me and make everything I wish, trying to confort me.


Definitely a cultural thing. If someone tells me someone close to them has passed away I acknowledge it by saying Jag beklagar or Jag beklagar sorgen which is equivalent to the English I am sorry for your loss.

Other than that nothing really happens. My grandmother would quite often joke about her coming death and even that was not a big deal to us.


I should add that while common, it's improper etiquette to beklaga sorgen - you're expressing sympathy for the reason somebody is being sad, not for the sadness itself.


Expressing sympathy for the loss works: jag beklagar din förlust.

I personally use med varmaste kondoleanser = with warmest condolences.

This page is pretty good, though it is, of course, in Swedish: https://fenixbegravning.se/hur-beklagar-man-sorgen/


So what ought one say instead?


Woow. Impressed ! haha


V.I.F. instead of R.I.P.?


Yes, but we don't use the VIF acronym in Swedish.


Also in italian is "RIP" (Riposa In Pace), from the latin "RIP" (Requiescat In Pacem).


Why is it vilar hon i frid and not hon vilar i frid


It's the v2 rule - the verb wants to come second.


In her bedroom, because she's only napping and isn't dead :)


No, apparently it means she's dead, going by the comments above.


I don't know why somebody downvoted you. If you used this in Swedish for somebody not being dead, people would think you're daft.


I would guess it is because they replied in earnest to someone who was clearly joking, rather than due to the correctness or otherwise of their statement. ;)


Possibly, though I doubt it was not well meant. Either way, there you have it. :)


What's wrong with She is now resting in peace. ?


Nothing - that's also accepted.


My answer was considered incorrect. I reported it as "it should be correct." Tack.


That may have been a bug, then. It's definitely accepted, and I can't find any report from you.


Bummer about not finding any reports. I've been reporting that the sound doesn't come on quite often. Words are often missing. Sometimes, the entire "listen and write" section is missing.


That's certainly odd. Usually if Duolingo is having problems with audio playing, many users start asking about it at once, but I've only seen you do it recently. Honestly, that may be a local issue and not a sitewide one - but of course, I can't tell for sure.

As for missing words, do you mean in word tile exercises?

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