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"Älgarna sover inte morgonen."

Translation:The moose do not sleep in the morning.

December 11, 2014



why is "the moose doesn't sleep in the morning" incorrect, please?


älgarna is plural so it must be do


Well I had no idea that it's 1 moose, 2 moose... we say mooses where I'm from... so I said ''the mooses do not sleep in the morning'' and was voted incorrect.


Is that a normal pronunciation of "morgonen"?


No, the TTS is wrong here. Anders91 is right that you'll hear it as morronen in spoken Swedish, with both O's being /o/ and the first syllable stressed..


Unfortunately I can't listen to the audio sample at the moment but in casual speech most people will pronounce it as if it was spelled morronen.


That's what I thought! No, it pronounces a hard "g" - mor-goon-en :)


Good catch, Tracy!


Is moose also plural in English?


It is, although it would be funny if it was actually "Meese" lol


Älgarna sover inte i morgonen?


No, in the morning = morgonen. Note though that tomorrow = i morgon:


When a sentence in English begins with a plural noun, we often dispense with the article. Moose do not sleep in the morning, would denote plural moose. I left off the article and was marked wrong.


While you are correct, there are differences between English and Swedish here.

If we say Moose don't sleep in the morning, we're talking about moose in general. The moose don't sleep in the morning however would refer to a specific group of moose.

When we use the definite form in Swedish such as in this sentence, älgarna, we are talking about a specific group of moose.

Moose don't sleep in the morning would translate to älgar sover inte på morgonen in Swedish. This would refer to moose in general.


This is the same in English, but it's somewhat strange to single out a single group of moose if it is a statement true of all moose and if it's not true of all moose it seems like a random observation. That said, the goal is to translate what is there, so I recognize that you shouldn't drop the article.


Isnt the plural of moose;moosen


Mina älgarna sover när som helst. Am I doing it right?


What is the significance of ö and ä or are they just randomly placed within certain words and phrases?

  • 1773

They are letters just as any other letter. They have different sounds than o and a, so the placement of them is the same as any other vowel.

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