"Jag räknar med er!"

Translation:I am counting on you!

December 11, 2014

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What would it be if you were literally counting with someone? Would it still be the same sentence?


doesn't "med" mean with? What would "jag räknar på dig" mean?


This is one of those sentences where you're saying different things depending on which word you emphasise when speaking. The computer voice put the emphasis on "med", which made me as a native speaker hear the sentence as "I'm counting with you", as in performing calculations together with you. If you want to say you're counting on someone, as in relying on them to do something, you put the emphasis on the word "räknar".


Strange because I'm pretty sure my system is placing the emphasis on räknar. But thanks for the tip.


I hear the same as sotnosen, actually, but it does sound a bit like it emphasises both words.


Is this related to English reckon? It's a bit colloquial, but you can reckon a bill, or you can reckon someone doesn't know what they're talking about.


Yes, also you can recount a story, as in narrate it, or you can give an account of a sequence of events.


Yes, and it's also why 'the bill' in German is 'die Rechnung'


I believe even 'to reckon with someone/something' is a possible expression in English, to express something is considered. https://www.ldoceonline.com/dictionary/reckon-with

I am wondering how this expression would be translated correctly into Swedish, since Google Translate gives me 'räknar med'. Should it be 'betraktar som'?


Does räcknar also mean calculate, like in germen rechnen?


I'm relying on you?


That'd probably be "jag är beroende av dig".


Why er and not dig? Theres nothing that tells us they aren't talking to one person.


If it's a translate-to-Swedish exercise, yes, both "er" and "dig" are valid translations.


Why is "I calculate with you" wrong?


The sentence isn't really talking about math and calculating or counting, it's more like you have your hopes up for someone!


TTS "ja räknar me der"!! Usually "med" is pronounced "me". the pronunciation is confusing, I think it's the most hard thing in Swedish


Simple rule: you should also try to listen for common words (prepositions, subjects, &c.) that have the last consonant omitted and also skip the last consonants yourself too! For example, med is read 'meh', 'jag' is read 'ja', and 'det' is read 'deh'.

Be careful not to do it with less common words like 'bröd' otherwise you'd sound like a Norwegian!


Why not I rely on you


See Zymrzlinga's comment above.


How come y'all isn't accepted?


Spelling mistake in the admin interface. Fixed that now. :)


I haven't seen this in the comments, so forgive me if I missed it, but what about "I'm depending on you"?


I have a question, I for some reason knew it wouldn't get accepted, but in German this very sentence (Ich rechne mit dir) can also mean "I expect you" as in I expect that you are coming (to a meeting or smth similar), does this work in Swedish as well?

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