They need to add Tagalog.

my dad is from the Philippines and i'd really like to know what the heck he says sometimes

4 years ago

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Here's some resources I used before my trip to the Philippines this summer:

4 years ago

there are many things that would be great for them to add, but they have limited resources and cannot create a course for every language, so it is highly unlikely that they would add a language like Tagalog in the near future.

4 years ago

... I reallyndont wanna buy rosetta stone though...

4 years ago

It's not necessary to buy Rosetta Stone to learn Tagalog. You can do the following:

-ask your dad, other family members, or friends if they can teach you how to understand (or speak) Tagalog

-watch TV on TFC or other Filipino channels

-look for cheaper resources for learning Tagalog through your local public library, Barnes & Noble's foreign language section, or online

4 years ago

@TheBryce THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 years ago
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