"Jag letar efter en restaurang."

Translation:I am looking for a restaurant.

December 11, 2014

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I just saw the example "Jag letar efter pojken", which meant "I am looking after the boy".

So, why would "Jag letar efter en restaurang" not translate to "I am looking after a restaurant"? (maybe it does, but the answer wasn't accepted)

In English, "I am looking after a restaurant" and "I am looking for a restaurant" have two very different meanings; the first implies you are possibly taking care of the restaurant on behalf of the owner, while the second implies you are simply looking for a place to eat.


I would translate "I am looking after the boy" to "Jag tar hand om pojken" or "Jag passar pojken". (if you want to tell that you are babysitting for example). "Jag letar efter pojken" can only translate to "I am looking for the boy", after would be incorrect in this case. Swedish speakers often make incorrect translations into English because e.g. "leta efter" and "look after" sound similar.


This is correct. We don't have the sentence Jag letar efter pojken in the course, the closest one is probably De letar efter honom https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15459373 – which of course translates as 'They are looking for him'.


ok ok after that I'm sure that I am completely lost about which prepositions we use and how every one of them changes meaning depending on the verb-general meaning etc... :(


For me it didn't accept "searching" even though I'm quite sure that it's correct in English to say "I am searching for a restaurant"...


This is why I wished there was a Swedish course in the German language in the Duolingo mobile app!


Confusing! So "letar efter" means "look for"? So what is the preposition to use for "look after" as in "take care of"? Or do they never use "letar" for this?


I was just presented with "I look _ a restaurant."

This is misleading because you would say "I am looking for a restaurant" not "I look for a restaurant"


Sure out of context that would be more common, but it's not like there's not times when you would say "I look" instead of "am looking".

If someone asked you "When you're on vacation, what's the first thing you do after you land?", would you say "I am looking for a restaurant"?


I look after a restaurant


The pronouniation of 'efter' was poor. It sounded like 'sesper' so I was unable to understand the sentence in order to translate it.

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