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  5. "Ithimid an rís."

"Ithimid an rís."

Translation:We eat the rice.

December 11, 2014



Why couldn't it be "We eat rice"? Is that really necessary to put the article?


Because the Irish sentence has the article. If you are translating from Irish to English, you'd have to include it. And the same reverse. It wouldn't be necessary, but "We eat rice" had a different meaning than "We eat the rice"


Go raibh maith agat!!


When would you use ithimid an rís as opposed to ithimid rís? Is ithimid rís not gramatically correct?


Its grammatically correct but the meaning different i.e. We eat rice: my people eat rice We eat the rice: theyre having pork but only the rice is for us


Why is itheann muid an rís not accepted?


I typed the correct answer in English as shown on the correct answer and was informed that it was wrong? Also told to pay attention to accents when the option to type in the fodor wasn't available as an option..bugs need sorting I think !!


How do you pronounce ris?


As the subject is plural, wouldn't rice also be plural...therefore using "na" and not "an"?


The subject is “we”, and is completely independent of the object “rice”. If the sentence were instead Ithimid an t-úll, would you similarly expect that “the apple” ought to be “the apples”, simply because the subject is plural?

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