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"Ich will meinen Sohn jetzt sehen."

Translation:I want to see my son now.

July 14, 2013



can it also be "Ich will jetzt meinen Sohn sehen". namely put jetzt ahead of meinen Sohn?


How would you write "I want my son to see now"


I think it would be something like: Ich will, dass mein Sohn jetzt sehen kann.


Sometimes the fast audio playback sucks... puts in extra vowels or stumbles over itself.


Duo expects us to recognize that it is not the word jetzte but jetzt being spoken! And yet another example where in normal speaking, a vowel 'e' is added to smooth out the sharp clipped German.

In the man's normal speaking speed, to smooth the transition between (t) and (z) of sehen, it appears to be acceptable to avoid the older 'clipped' sharp German endings like with "Kenn(t) (d)en alltag with [kennt(s) den alltag]. Here it's the added "e" to Jetzt to transition between the sharp ending of "Jetz(t) and (z) of sehen" ... Jetzte 'z'ehen instead of Jetz(t)-(z)ehen.


How would the sentence "I want my son to see now" be formed? That's what I put and was wondering where I went wrong.


"Ich will, dass mein Sohn jetzt sieht."


How would you say "I want to see my son right now"? As in, this instant


can someone suggest a good source for learning the rules for word order?? sentences like this one show u how tricky it is to place words like Jetzt


The rules for word order in german Satzstruktur are.... TeKaMoLo, which means Temporal, Kausal, Modal, Lokal. First is temporal, so when it is going on, kausal is why it is happening, modal is how it is being carried out, and lokal is where it is. So it is a different, almost opposite composition of an english sentence. This sentence is actually not really hochdeutsch, but what do you expect from a free online course.


Thanks! Very handy :)


i remember SvTOMvP. Or so. Subject time object manner ... Look it up.


I just realized that the pronunciation here is tricky, "jetzt sehen". I'm finding that that middle "t" just is easier to let drop in speaking it.


My intuition would prefer to listen "Ich will meinem Sohn jetzt sehen". Shouldn't we use dative in this case?


No. Your son is the direct object of the seeing -- he is what gets seen.

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