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what is the best method of Spanish learning?

i am learning a Spanish.But most of the time i try to translate from Spanish to english word by word.and that seems to be getting impossible tasks. what is the best method to learn spanish.I learn most of the time on my iphone. I am looking for any suggestions. thank you.

July 14, 2013



You've gotten so far in the Spanish tree, why are you asking for help now?


the reasons i was asking that if there is any other way to learn instead of translating spanish in english words to words. thank you for your reply.


Looking at your stream it seems you do not practice much. To complete a lesson takes short term memory ability to hold a list information in your head. But that information can be easily forgotten without repetition. The practice is for testing and strengthen longer term information storage.


thank you for your suggestions.


also,it helps to write thee vocab down on a sheet of paper, and is will help in remembering it. there are other sources, too. i think it is good to look at these and compare that to duolingo. the combination of other sources will help put vocab and grammar more deeply into your memory.


you probably need some basic spanish grammar instruction, which duo is lacking in. try going other language websites and studying up on sentence structures and such. it us really useful to know the proper word orders when you are translating. Here's just a few grammar sites i've found useful for different subjects.
http://www.spanish411.net/Spanish-Sentence-Structure.asp ........ http://www.studyspanish.com/tutorial.htm

Also be aware that some phrases just have meanings that aren't translated word for word. Idioms in all languages can be tricky to learn. an easy example is "Lo Siento" = I'm sorry. but a more exact translation is something like "i feel it" we could say that in english, but it does not have the meaning we are trying to express. Remember that the point of the immersion isn't only to translate the exact words, but the overall meaning of the sentences, so it is easy to read and understand in the target language.


I'm a bit puzzled. From looking at your question and your completed tree, it leads me to believe that you must have fairly quickly just pushed through the Duolingo tree without using other resources.

One question: Did you have any prior Spanish education exposure?

But, as a shot in the dark, because I feel that I'm missing something from your story.

A repetitive theme that I've seen on the Duolingo boards and the Subreddit Duolingo is that the vast majority of those who really like Duolingo insist that you need other learning sources in addition to Duolingo. They typically recommend that you have a someway to supplement your grammar learning which could be a textbook, a webpage (example, www.spanish.about.com), using the Duolingo forums, etc. The other thing that they strongly recommend is immersive experiences such as watching Spanish movies, Spanish radio, reading Spanish, talking to Spanish people, etc.

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