December 11, 2014



I would have pronounced it "Awtch".



According to this, it is pronounced roughly that way in the Ulster dialect.


It sounds a little like the Dutch 'oord', an olf-fashioned word for place. In German it is Ort I believe. The sound is somewhat similar, might be useful as a memory aid


Is this the noun, a place, or the verb, to place?


"Place" just sounds weird. If you hadn't said, I would have guessed the imperative of the verb "to place", although that makes no sense either. It should be "A place" as Irish doesn't use an indefinite article.


I was asked to write what I heard in the practice Lessons, and I wrote it right. Now that is what I call progress. A month ago, I had problems with the Irish orthography.


I just want to know when i learn all these words which could be in different dialects will people look at me weird fot switching back or forth or is it common to do so?


I actually remember hearing this word in the song "Amhrán Na Farraige" where it was translated as "space". It went something like this: "Idir am is idir áit" (Between time and between space). I listened to it like a thousand times XD


This doesn't sound like it would be used on its own like this. Would it be more used to describle a certain place?


It’s used in much the same way that a standalone “Place.” would be used in English; it’s a word translation, not a descriptive sentence of any sort.


i found this incredible hard to understand. ( i use the Connemara (sub)dialect ) Is this bad pronunciation or is this how it is said in a different dialect?


Just wanted to post a mistake I saw in the grammar notes for "questions" here. The example sentence "Does SHE work in the city?" is rendered "An oibríonn TÚ sa chathair?" Should be SÍ.


Reported it today, just in case you didn't


I thought I was wrong, and I was. I heard it as 'ort.' I couldn't figure out what a part of speech was doing out of its context. Ah well. I'll never forget it now.


The pronunciation in Forvo is not the same as in the lesson...........see here, please.........there are 3 different pronunciations. http://it.forvo.com/word/%C3%A1it/#ga


True, the new speaker pronounces this more like "awts" than "awtch." I believe it is still a clear enough slender T. There seems to be a spectrum of these differences among native speakers.


Im supposed to be able to hear the full stop am I

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