"Hon arbetar som tolk mellan svenska och engelska."

Translation:She works as an interpreter between Swedish and English.

December 11, 2014

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Is translator not an acceptable translation for 'tolk'?


Strictly speaking a translator deals with writing and an interpreter works verbally, bur colloquially the terms are rather interchangeable.


does tolk have relation to english 'talk'?


It seems that the word tolk (and the verb tolka) in Germanic languages come from old Slavic tlŭmačĭ, these words originated during our intense trade connections with Slavic-speaking peoples. (In German, it's Dolmetscher/in, same origin).


For those learning english, from swedish. In swedish it may use the preposition "mellan" which is "between" But it should translate to the english preposition "for" EX: (She's an interpreter for Spanish and English speakers.) or (She translates or is a translator for French.)


It can be both - There is no problem using 'between' or 'for' here in English. In fact, 'she translates for French' seems to be erroneous (although I might just be overlooking a correct usage)


The sentence in English would be better if it was 'she works as an interpreter IN swedish and english'. Using between here doesn't sound right to me in English.


Using 'for' changes the meaning slightly. It says 'between' as she is interpreting between the two languages. Using 'for' makes it sound like two separate jobs.


This scentence is badly worded, you could have put for instead of between, perhaps implying that she would learn more languages in the future


I wish I will too, but between Russian and Polish.

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