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Christmas :)

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Dia daoibh!

Nollaig shona daoibh! As many of you may have noticed, the Christmas bonus skill is once again available for Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese (if you want to purchase it, it is 15 lingots in the store). But what about Irish?! Well, it appears that there will not be a Christmas bonus skill for Irish this year (well...Team Duo might surprise us yet ;D) Anyway, here is a post to get you in the (Irish) Christmas spirit! Here, you will learn some Christmas vocab, some Irish Christmas traditions and you will get to listen to some Irish Christmas carols!

Vocabulary - Foclóir

  • Christmas - Nollaig
  • Christmas Day - Lá Nollag
  • Christmas Eve - Oíche Nollag
  • Christmas spirit - Spiorad na Nollag
  • Pudding - Maróg
  • Christmas lights - Soilse Nollag
  • Decoration - Maisiúchán
  • Christmas decorations - Maisiúcháin Nollag
  • Cracker - Pléascóg
  • Carol - Carúl
  • Christmas tree - Crann Nollag
  • Present - Bronntanas
  • Gift - Féirín
  • Stockings - Stocaí
  • Manger - Mainséar
  • Turkey (food/animal) - Turcaí
  • Brussels sprouts - Bachlóga Bruiséile
  • Roast potatoes - Prátaí rósta
  • Jesus - Íosa
  • Bethlehem - Beithil
  • Israel - Iosrael
  • Angel - Aingeal
  • Santa Claus - Daidí na Nollag
  • Santa Claus - San Nioclás
  • The North Pole - an Pol Thuaidh
  • Reindeer - Réinfhia
  • Mince pie - Pióg mhionra
  • Biscuit - Briosca
  • Hot chocolate - Seacláid the
  • Excitement - Sceitimíní
  • Fairytale - Síscéal
  • Winter - Geimhreadh
  • Fairy - Sióg
  • Polar bear - Béar bán
  • Penguin - Piongain
  • Shopping - Siopadóireacht
  • New Year - Bliain Nua
  • Snow - Sneachta
  • Snowman - Fear sneachta
  • Frozen - Reoite
  • Snow globe - Cruinneog shneachta
  • To put on weight - Meáchan a chur suas
  • One more - Ceann amháin eile
  • Hanukkah - Féile an Tiomnaithe / Hanukkah
  • Dreidel - Dréadal
  • Menorah - Meanóra
  • St. Nicholas' Day - Lá Fhéile Niocláis

Memrise course for the above vocab

Traditions - Traidisiúin

In Ireland, the Christmas season begins on December 8th. This is the day many people decorate their houses and start their seasonal shopping. Though we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are becoming much more popular here.

The Late Late Toy Show

This is a long running Irish Christmas tradition. It is a special edition of the Late Late Show, Ireland's main chat show. This special edition is broadcast every year near the end of November or early December. Its focus- toys. Children from all over Ireland come on to review toys, games and books. Other children come on air to show off their talents and there are generally lots of presents ("one for everyone in the audience!") It is usually the most watched show in Ireland every year. (Watch this year's Toy Show here)

Christmas Eve/Day

Children usually leave a plate of treats out for Santa before going to bed on the 24th of December. This usually includes cookies and mince pies, as well as a glass of milk (or pint of Guinness). A carrot is also left out for Rudolph.

Christmas Day starts off early with young kids waking their parents at an ungodly hour to go and open their presents. Good children will get what they asked Santa for, but bad children might just get a bag of coal!

After Christmas morning, most people will meet up with friends and family for more gift exchanging and a traditional meal of turkey, ham, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, Christmas pudding, Christmas cake and lots of other family favourites.

The Day After

In Ireland, the day after Christmas (December 26th) is known as St. Stephan's Day. In some parts of the country, it is also known as "Wrenday"

Little Christmas

January 6th ("Little Christmas") is the official end of the Christmas season. It is sometimes also called Women's Christmas. On this day, some men take up the household duties for the day.

"Any Craic?" Níl

Carols - Carúil

As Béarla

Fairytale of New York Note: Explicit

Wexford Carol

As Gaeilge

Oíche Chiúin

Bualadh Bos

(If you have any more, feel free to suggest them)

Well, that's it for now! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Nollaig shona daoibh agus athbhliain faoi mhaise!

(Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!)


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