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  5. "Are you coming to the party?"

"Are you coming to the party?"

Translation:Kommer du på festen?

December 11, 2014



Is there any difference in meaning between 'Kommer du på festen?' and 'Kommer du till festen?' that can be translated into English? (or German...)


I’d always say it with myself and not till.


I used till and it was accepted. So are they interchangable and you prefere på?


What is partiet and why cant i use it in this sentence?


Ett parti is a political party like Labour in Britain, for instance.


Ni and du still confuses me i know what they mean ...can ni be written as you guys ?


ni is for when you are addressing a group of people du is for when you are addressing a single person however in english you use 'you' for addressing both plural or singular so when you you see 'you' in the question you can use either of them unless the phrase or the context details which


Why do i have to use 'kalaset' and not 'festen'


I'd like to know too. Kalaset is not a word I have previously seen.


i think ett kala is a young childs party around the 5 to 8 year age group where one would traditionally have jelly and blancmange


Telling me that using "tills" instead of "på" is a typo sure is a generous interpretation of typoes :D What precisely is the difference between till and tills anyway?

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