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  5. "Hennes fru är präst."

"Hennes fru är präst."

Translation:Her wife is a priest.

December 11, 2014

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Aw finally. A gay sentence! I'm so happy!


Wow, that is pretty cool isn't it? I didn't think I could like this site any more.


I was so happy too


I saw a lot too! It's seems pretty normal here.


It's definitely inclusive- but it is also a useful trick to get you to tune into exactly what's being said, rather than what you think SHOULD be said. Either way, awesome.


Absolutely! Surprising sentences make you sit up and take note -- and therefore learn better. :-D


100% agree, I got it wrong purely based on thinking is was "his"..

Now I know 100% Hennes is her !


haha, had to read this one a few times.

Only the swedish church would allow it, bless 'em.


I think you got that in Denmark too.


And THIS is why I love Sweden. A sentence like this would hardly raise eyebrows in Sweden! :) Jag älskar svenskar!


I think even in Sweden they don't let gay women be priests. At least in English "priest" is reserved for Catholic, Orthodox, or Anglican clergy none of whom allow gay women. In English you could expect to see a gay woman as a Reverend or Pastor however. Perhaps in Sweden the word is not so exclusive.


There's usually a huge discussion every time the word priest pops up in connection with women, but we've come to the conclusion that priest is after all the best translation of präst. See for instance here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5660470
A 'priest' in English could even be a non-Christian priest, like a Buddhist or Wiccan priest, so it's not necessarily as exclusive as one might think.

Edit: I'm adding some more info here after all.
On the other hand, it's a little more exclusive than one might think, too. So, in a Swedish context (as in 'in Sweden', it's a bit different in Finland), en präst is a priest in the Church of Sweden, or Catholic, Orthodox etc., or a non-Christian kind of priest. A Reverend/Pastor in one of the various Lutheran congregations that are not Church of Sweden is however not en präst, but en pastor.

The Church of Sweden also has bishops (en biskop, biskopar) although it's a Lutheran church, whereas the 'free' Lutheran churches do not. It's a bit like the Anglican church that way.


It's also used in pagan religions. In Norse Shamanism (Seidr), a lot of priests are trans women. I'm very interested in Norse Shamanism, so there is a possibility I will one day become a priest. Then you will be able to say there's a Swedish, gay, trans woman who is a priest.


I want to be your friend! :) Xxx


I want to be your friend too! XD


Could präst mean "rabbi" and/or "cantor"? (In case you don't know what those are

Rabbi: The chief religious official of a synagogue, trained usually in a theological seminary and duly ordained, who delivers the sermon at a religious service and performs ritualistic, pastoral, educational, and other functions in and related to his or her capacity as a spiritual leader of Judaism and the Jewish community.

Cantor: The religious official of a synagogue who conducts the liturgical portion of a service and sings or chants the prayers and parts of prayers designed to be performed as solos.

I wouldn't imagine a cantor fit's under "präst", but I wouldn't know if swedish has a different word for that


A rabbi is en rabbi, and a cantor is simply en kantor (the Christian counterpart has the same name).


Thanks a lot for the explanation!


Why there is no "en" before "präst"?


In Swedish we don't use an article when saying someone's profession.


That'd rather say it's very "English" to use the indefinite article before professions.


And I thought I was hearing it wrong. Nice one, Duo! :D


Thanks for being inclusive, Duo! :-)


This is the Swedish course, after all :D


Duolingo does this in other courses too, though. It's awesome.


Love it! Reference to Äkta Människor (Real Humans)? :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwh3xxozlZs


Haha exactly what I thought!


I was starting to think all the realtionship ship related answers would all be hetero. Tack så mycket! I actually had to read it again to make sure I was seeing it right. I'm smiling so much right now!


:D I think whoever creates these sentences is pretty awesome.


Funny, I didn't think anything of "hennes fru", but was then thrown for a loop by "...fru är präst"! Hoping all churches will be open to ordaining women soon :)


I can't believe that i wasn't able to go beyond my prejudices on this one. Love Sweden :)


Funny to see people in the comments celebrate the inclusion of this sentence. Being Dutch, it didn't strike me as so special...

Incidently, what would be Swedish for 'The imam and her wife?'


Imamen och hennes fru, so pretty close.


Or indeed 'her wife is an imam'... would that be 'hennes fru är imam' or something like that?


Remember, they might not be a 'gay' couple. The women could both be gay, but mustn't forget they might be bisexual in a same-sex relationship!


That's the most condensed liberal sentence I could think of :)


Almost half of the all priests in Finland are women (luther church).


Cool. It makes me think of the third series of The Bridge (bron). Such an awesome show and it touches on issues dealing with diversity and the environment in a crime thriller way. Plus it's in Swedish and Danish, so it's super cool to see the cultural differences (possibly stereotypes). Who knows, I may learn Danish next!


I LOVE THIS APP ! Thank you for being so inclusive <3

sorry for the excitement


I used "preacher" Why is that no good?


A preacher is en predikant in Swedish.


Preacher is to priest as politician is to social worker... ;) But to be more serious, I guess "preacher" has different connotations and more specific to US Gospel scenarios perhaps.


Why not "her woman is a priest"? thanks


fru only ever means "wife" - that is, a married adult woman.

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