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Reviewing skills bug?

Every once in a while, skills drop to four bars rather than five and I like to keep them golden ALWAYS. But I found out that if I just open a four-bar skill and then exit to the tree, it becomes golden. Is that how it's supposed to be or is it a bug? 'Cause I'm making use of that (I'm lazy), but I don't want to!

My excuses if this has been posted before and if so, please send me a link to said discussion. Have a good day!

December 11, 2014



Indeed I now have a lot of non-golden skills in my Dutch tree. I find it a bit of a nuisance, for I am a native Dutch speaker. The mistakes that I make are not Dutch-related, but due to my English skills.. It was just fun to start 'learning' my own language, but with all those non-golden skills now it takes the motivation away.


That was a problem for me in the Dutch tree alone. I'm not sure why it occurs.


It still constantly happens to me. It's quite sad that the Dutch tree/course gets a ton of bugs compared to the others :P first ghost sentences and then skills that pretend to decay.


Yes, it's a problem with the Dutch tree. I just assumed it happened to all


It happened in my Spanish tree today. I suppose I lost to remember some words and did the item again. Actually refreshing my memory nowan then is not a bad idea.

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