"We had a good crop this year."

Translation:Bhí barr maith againn i mbliana.

3 years ago



I'm just wondering what I was doing wrong with "bhí barr maith againn an blian seo" as that's what I would normaly say

3 years ago

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Perhaps an bliain seo without a preposition is an English calque?

3 years ago


That would be my guess. I actually asked this to a speaker from Rus Muc Monday, and he said i mbliana is much more common (and native!) but that an bliain seo does mean the same thing.

3 years ago


When I look in the dictionary for the word "barr" it does not say crop. Is barr a Munster word ????

6 months ago


You need a better dictionary.

barr ... 5. Crop. barr coirce, prátaí, móna, crop of oats, of potatoes, of turf. barr a thabhairt, to yield a crop. barr gruaige, head of hair. barra prátaí, tops of potatoes. barr ar a chos, standing crop. barr margaidh, cash crop.


6 months ago
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