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  5. "Usted va a tomar esa clase."

"Usted va a tomar esa clase."

Translation:You will take that class.

July 14, 2013



TomarĂ¡ esa clase = You will take that class.


'Going to' and 'Will' express two different levels of certainty.


"va a tomar" and "tomarĂ¡" are similar constructions in Spanish


They both mean the same.


All I know is Duo teaches the "going to" future first (I think they call it a form of "ir+ infinitive"), and then the simple future later, as two separate levels, so you conjugate the ir part, and then the infinitive follows. I think the course is made that way so we can use the verb forms we already know, whereas the simple future gives us yet another set of verbs to have to learn.

So, when Duo puts a voy a + infinitive construction, that's what I give him. (I obey Master Duo when memory serves me.) ;-)


"va a tomar" also means "going to take" too


How would you differenciate "You are going to take that class?" or a Father ordering his son "You are going to take that class."


I just typed in you're going to take that course? I don't get why is it wrong? course and class are synonyms aren't they?


Well, ive lived in places where course meant a whole course of study (like what you are studying, IT or graphic design etc)


They are indeed and "course" should be an acceptable translation for "clase".


All the confusion in this thread is warranted. There is simply no reason to translate this as "will take" when it is CLEARLY going to take. We have plenty of things to trip us up while learning Spanish so why unnecessarily mix up these two methods of expressing the future.

For he or she:

Va a tomar= going to take

TomarĂ¡= will take


I keep reading this as "You are going to drink that class"


I dont see the ...you will take...i see ....you are going to take....?????confusing


"You will...... " and "you are going to....." are pretty interchangeable in English but are different tenses. We should learn both in Spanish so I feel that duo should insist on the correct tense, or at least have it as the preferred answer/ the answer you can make with the tiles

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