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The New Edits to the Translations-section

At first, I liked the new and improved translations-section. There is more info available and generally handier. However, I've run into a big problem with it. I am not yet skilled enough to try on the higher-leveled and very long sentences. However, I am no longer able to gather experience by trying on the easier, shorter questions, since they are, even in the newest documents, already 'complete'. I understand this new feature is meant to boost Duolingo's efficienty, as it is of little use for the site to kéép getting in new, and probably extremely simular translations for the same thing, while it's already kind of 'done'. But what about the users? I haven't visited the Translations-section in days because there's nothing to do for me there anyways anymore. I always thought of this section as a very useful one, to both user and website, but I'm afraid it's losing it's purpose to the users who aren't halfway mastering their language yet. Is there any way for us to use the old system, or for this one feature to be turned off again?

October 25, 2012



There is something lost to both the less-experienced translators as well as the more-experienced translators - is there a middle ground between the new format and the old one?


I agree that it's frustrating to be stuck with a few difficult sentences in the articles available for translation. The translations area would be more helpful to me if there were more articles available in all the categories.


I agree this is annoying. Note that you can try and find new translations that still have shorter sentences available in the "Recently Added" tab.

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