"Det stämmer!"

Translation:That is correct!

December 11, 2014

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I goth the listening comprehension for "Det stämmer!".. entered it... and it said "That is correct".. and I was like: yeay guessed it right but what is the translation for that?.. took me a moment :D


Or "dat klopt!" for us bataviophiles. :D


I see that you are learning Dutch,so it might be interesting for you to know that we can also say "dat is in overeenSTEMing met de realiteit" which means 'that is in accordance with reality",which also means 'das stimmt'

Furthermore the dutch word for voice is 'stem' like the german 'Stimme'.


can you say "that's right"?


I'm using the Tinycards deck to help me memorize words, and it told me that "att stämma" meant "to sue". Does it also mean "to be correct"?


Yes, but only really for det. You can say det stämmer - stämmer det? det verkar stämma, etc. But you can't say e.g. han stämmer for "he's right".


OK, that makes sense. Tack!


Kan man säga 'är det stämmer för att säga...' = Is it correct to say...


Stämmer det att ... = Is it correct that ...
Är det rätt/korrekt/riktigt att ... = Is it correct to ...


so "stämmer" is a verb, can someone explain this, and how is it used to mean an adjective?


Well, it's more that English doesn't really have a corresponding verb so you have to replace it with an adjective. Possibly you could say something like 'adds up' but that would be more ambiguous.


I appreciate your amazing help Arnauti :) you and other moderators


I try to think of a very slangy word - that jives.


Is it like "It matches"? In finnish we use "stemmaa" when something matches or goes with something else.


I did not understand :/


What about this: the reason the verb stämmer is translated into verb + adjective (is correct) in English is that there is no English verb for stämmer.
That better?


why is "it is so!" an incorrect answer? It is the same as "it is correct!"...isn't it?


I believe "Det är så" is the Swedish equivalent of "It is so" and Duo wants to keep them as separate expressions.

But while we're at it... When you say "It is correct", it means "it" agrees with a certain norm or convention. Whereas, when you say "It is so", it means "it" corresponds to the way things are (reality). Technically, "it is correct" is a judgement and "it is so" is an confirmation of reality/truth. But since, in practice, reality and truth are ruled by perception, it is all judgement. head explodes


I find it easier to think of this verb as "stand", as in, "that will stand" or "that will not stand" (in court). It probably would be a horrible way to translate it, but it helps me remember it.

But if I wanted to say "I will not stand for this!", what would be the best way to say it?


I was thinking why it is not "det ÄR stämmer"


Swedish doesn't have that kind of construction.


right after posting I understood my mistake. thx


How does stämma relate? Or a totally different word?


Do you mean the noun? It is somewhat related.

The verb "att stämma" have three meanings (unless I forgot something):

1.Beloppet stämmer - the amount is correct

2.Jag stämmer företaget - I sue the company

3.Jag stämmer pianot - I tune the piano

"En stämma" means a voice, usually as in e.g. soprano, so it is related to 3.

I cant really think of a good noun for 1, but for 2 a lawsuit is "en stämning" (which also means ~ambiance, it shouln't be too easy :-))


I have been picturing this phrase as said by a quiz gameshow host...

Would such a person actually use this phrase? Or does it belong in a different context?


Isn't this literally "it suffices"? I realize that's not common English parlance though.

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