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Speaking Danish is apparently a superpower

This appeared in my FB feed: http://teespring.com/speDANISH Thought it was pretty amusing after struggling with some of the pronunciations. :-)

December 12, 2014



Yes it is a super power, and I want that hoodie! These Great Plains winters are harsh!


Just wanted to say that i'm so amazed to see this kind of skills :D


Yeah, I pretty much redo 1 or 2 courses every day, it'll take forever for me to get to a high level without Immersion (shakes fist). I don't know how Knoxienne has managed to do it!


hvorfor ved du alle disse sprog?


That one is awsome.


I know. I almost want to pay for the massive shipping.

Edit: Actually, the shipping isn't all that expensive...


I might get one, but I won't wear while I'm still living in Denmark. Too dangerous. Someone might try to have a conversation with me and I'm not ready yet.


That's the cool thing! The fastest way to learn a language is speaking it, just find Benny Lewis in youtube, He makes a strong case with a good story behind it!


(I'M NOT TRYING TO OFFEND, DON'T HURT ME!) Wasn't Danish ranked as one of the easier languages for English Speakers to learn? My brother is in the RYE, might wanna get him one of these with Finnish on it.


No Idea. I just know that some of the pronunciations are super hard. Swedish and German are much easier to pronounce in my opinion. Anyway, it was a good excuse to get a t-shirt. :)


Haha, I've heard people say Danish sounds like a child yelling gobbledegook. Robbaz (Swedish gaming YouTube personality) has a lot of... interesting... opinions about other Scandinavian countries and languages.


Robbaz is hilarious. I remember he made a bunch of guttural growling noises and then said, "which means sorry danish for making fun of your language." He also made a lot of Lego jokes.


En and is spise en æble??? Help, I need help!

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