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Duolingo Doesn't Just Help With Foreign Language

Recently, I had to do a paper for History about language standardization and spelling reform in France, which I was rather worried about, since the topic is slightly archaic and difficult to find sources for. I navigated my way through forests, lakes, and mountains of information on Google, but still could not find any really good sources. However, as soon as I tried French Google, I was able to find books, magazines, newspapers, and essays on my topic. Thanks to Duolingo, I could read all of this, and raised my grade from a C+ for my feeble first draft that pulled its info from purely Anglophone sources to an A once I started using French sources. Big thanks to Duo for (inadvertently) helping out with my History class!

December 12, 2014



Yes, we don't learn languages just for the sake of it, they are actually useful.


That's pretty cool! I wonder what I might find in Spanish google? Probably lots of marvels.


It can help a lot, but depending on what you're searching for, sometimes you'll get all the same results as you would from English google.


That's so awesome! Thanks for sharing this idea


WOOW! Cool! I also found this out! This is a huge advantage of learning other languages. One sees a whole new world open up before him! I happened to be checking out a mathematical subject on wikipedia, and when I looked at the spanish version, it was so much more detailed and explanatory than the English one!

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