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"Der er en station ved mit hus."

Translation:There is a station by my house.

December 12, 2014


[deactivated user]

    Is ved not "near"? Tusen Takk!


    it suggested the correct answer was "at" my house... that's certainly garbage. "Near" was also my answer and should imo be accepted even if not a literal translation of ved.


    By and near mean virtually the same thing in English, depending on context.


    I put an station besides of a station, and i lost a heart :( that is unfair


    it should have been correct i think


    I can't even imagine what a station at someone's house would actually be.


    Ved is often used in the sense of "by".

    Please check the sound for "der er en" at normal speed for this exercise. It is totally slurred togather and not understanable except at slowed speed.

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