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  5. "She is opening her book."

"She is opening her book."

Translation:Tá sí ag oscailt a leabhar.

December 12, 2014



If the "opening her books" sentence used "leabhar", wouldn't this mean this sentence should use genitive form of singular "book", aka "leabhair"?


Yes, it should use the genitive form.


by the way, the genitive forms of possessive pronouns/adjectives are the same as nominative?


The possessive adjectives don’t have distinct genitive forms. Irish doesn’t have possessive pronouns such as English “mine”. It instead uses one of two constructions:

  • mo cheannsa, etc. for singular nouns and mo chuidse, etc. for plural nouns;
  • copula + emphasized combined form of le, e.g. Is liomsa é for “It is mine”.

The first construction also doesn’t have distinct genitive forms; I’m not sure if the second construction could be used genitively.

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