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"Wij hebben een monster van zijn bloed nodig."

Translation:We need a sample of his blood.

December 12, 2014



Is there really no other word for sample?

From now on I bet I'm going to imagine any "sample" in Dutch as a monster. This is almost as bad as hearing "Ik heb jouw huis gekocht" and freaking out because I thought someone cooked my house.



Nope, there is no other word. :)


Never heard of that before. I only know the 'staal' meaning 'steel'.

Wikipedia tells me this: "Een staal is vooral in Vlaanderen ook een "kleine te onderzoeken hoeveelheid" in de scheikunde of ecologie. (In Nederland spreekt men van een monster (werkwoord: bemonsteren)). Zo neemt men bodem- of rivierstalen om ze te onderzoeken op samenstelling, vervuiling, zoutgehalte en dergelijke."


Staal is commonly used in fabric stores as well, to show different colors of the same fabric/pattern.


Yes! Gekocht and monster. Hahaha


the only way I'll be able to remember this is by thinking that kids are terrified when they hear the words "blood sample" and when they think of monsters :P


Wait...what? How did this come to be? Okay, wiktionary says it's a cognate with muster...


It eventually traces back to Latin mōnstrāre "to show". A sample is kind of like a physical demonstration :)


Would specimen work as well?

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