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"Oggi è il nostro ultimo giorno di vacanza."

Translation:Today is our last vacation day.

July 14, 2013



I wrote 'today is the last day of our vacation' and lost a heart. Bit harsh, surely?


I wrote "Today is the our last day of holidays" and was marked incorrect. Yet it has as a correct answer "Today is our last day of holiday" which sounds completely wrong in English.


both sound ok to me. the second one sounds brittish, though


No,the first is really NOT ok


You're right. Oh my gosh, I have been living overseas for too long. My English got really messed up hahaha


I'm afraid your first suggestion, containing "the our" is definitely not good English. Their suggestion is the direct translation, but I agree that it sounds unwieldy in English.


¨Today is the last day of our vacation.¨ What wrong in answering this way?


today is our last day of vacation is accepted.


"Today is the last day of our holiday" is the most natural translation into (British) English, but of course it is marked as wrong. Reported 25.10.14


Still not fixed! Reported again 28th Jan 2019! Duo is free so I feel a bit of an ingrate for complaining, but these consistency issues are really annoying! Get it fixed guys, we 66 million British people count too you know!


and how come: today is the last day of our vacation is not accepted?


"Tody is the last day of our holiday(s)" is considered wrong - but it is of course far more natural than DL's suggestions. Reported 24.06.15


If I heard someone use duo's translation of the sentence I would assume they weren't a native English speaker.


duolingo sometimes is weird in its translations.....


I was penalised for saying holiday in the singular. We would not normally add an's' if referring to one holiday, as the sentence seems to imply.


I wrote: today is the last day of our vacation,which wasn't accepted. Reported!


What a ridiculous sentence


it's always difficult to know whether to go for a literal translation or good english, of course i always choose the wrong one! in this case in "English" you would use the word holiday rather than vacation and it would be "on" holiday.rather than of


Why is it not ultimo giorno di vacanze? Especially if these holidays apparently lasted more than one day.


That is very poor English. Today is the last day of our holidays/vacation, would be more fluent.


Nobody in England would say "Today is our last vacation day"! "Today is the last day of our holidays" is what we say here.

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