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  5. "Räven överraskar grisen."

"Räven överraskar grisen."

Translation:The fox surprises the pig.

December 12, 2014



This one is really funny! There's this Swedish christmas song that goes "Räven raskar över isen" = The fox hurries [to get] over the ice [to the other side of the lake before it breaks underneath hir, probably]. Sometimes people want to twist it up a little and they sing "räven överraskar isen" (The fox surprises the ice) instead.


Today I learned they have weird christmas songs in Sweden :p

Do you sing it to the melody of "Deck the Halls"? Would fit perfectly. "Räven raskar över isen, fa la la la la la la la la!" ♪♫


That's odd. I think I was able to understand some words and "sjunga" sounds like "ʃunga" instead of "ɧunga".


There are regional differences when it comes to the Sj-sound. You are correct that this man has more of a ʃ-pronuciation, but I would have used the ɧ-pronunciation.


Unless it's summer, then he runs over the grass :)


Why not "the fox surprises the swine"?


Swine is svin in Swedish.


When I was little, I thought the fox ran over the rice instead of the ice :-P

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