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  5. "The animals like food."

"The animals like food."

Translation:Dyrene kan godt lide mad.

December 12, 2014



Why do all three words mean the same word? I know there probably is a reason, but until then, memorizing it in its order with zero understanding frustrates me. Can someone explain?


I have noticed that the grammar in Swedish and Danish follows patterns that older English follows. (I was raised Christian and read the King James version of the Bible - but not anymore!). I checked lider on Google translate and it gave "suffer" as an alternate translation. This makes perfect sense.

Suffer in older usage means more like "experience" rather than bad experience. So this literally means "I can suffer it well" which means it is a good experience.


Think of it as an idiom, but I saw it explained as literally "The animals can well prefer food." It helps me to think of it that way, but it translates as "The animals like food."


Thank you! I just gave you a lingot! You're the first person I've given it to. I hope you like it!


I put kan but it tells me its a mistake pls help


What is the difference between 'liker' and 'kan godt lide' since they both translate as like in this case

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