"Vi är ungefär en timme från restaurangen."

Translation:We are approximately an hour from the restaurant.

December 12, 2014



Why is 'more or less' not accepted as a translation for ungefär here? It was in another exercise...

October 16, 2017


Is it common in Swedish to guage distance in terms of how long it takes to get there? It is here in Canada but I've heard it's uncommon in the US.

November 29, 2015


At least where I live in the US (Indiana), it actually is common, and I hadn't heard of it being uncommon. I don't know about in Sweden, however.

January 12, 2016


Yeah, it's pretty common in the US to use hours/days for distance, at least where I'm from (California).

January 22, 2018


I would say the same. In a bigger city, you might combine the time with the mode of transportation in the U.S. "The theater is a 10 minute walk" "The store is a 20 minute train ride"

April 21, 2018
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