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"Den orange hat går godt med hendes kjole."

Translation:The orange hat goes well with her dress.

December 12, 2014



I don't think it's unusual to say "goes good with"... at least in Canada, it's a fairly common expression. It wasn't accepted for my answer, though.


It may be (fairly) common in Canada, but that doesn't mean it's good grammar!


Wouldn't be a better translation: "The orange hat fits well with her dress"?


No, in British English at least, "goes well with" is a very common phrase, and you'll hear it more often than "fits well with". It's also conveniently a word-for-word translation from Danish which is nice :)


why is "the orange hat matches well with her dress" wrong?


An image of Queen Maxima of the Netherlands just popped into my head.


Is "den appelsins hat går godt med sin kjole" correct or should it be "den appelsins hat går godt med hendes kjole"? How do we know if the dress belongs to the orange or to the apple ?


well, this is weird but it is not the first time i notice it: it marks down as correct words I did not speak yet.

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