"They have the keys."

Translation:Hanno le chiavi.

July 14, 2013

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it shouldn't be "i chiavi?" why "LE chiavi" if it ends in "i" masculine plural...


Words that end in -e in the singular all change to -i in the plural. But they can be either feminine or masculine and you just have to learn them. The article (il/la/i/le/etc) is the best way to know. (Duolingo is pretty much always right)

Since it is la chiave (the key) it becomes le chiave (the keys) when plural.


I think it might be le chiavi instead of le chiave in the plural.


According to the loss of my heart, you're right. I'm learning of course but I thought I had it with "i chiavi". Seems like usually in plurals you don't see "le" with a word ending with "i". Mine was multiple choice translation answers. The correct choice didn't look right and another one wasn't plural "keys" so I picked what I thought was the logical one - "i chiavi" - I was wrong.


So singular is la chiave And plural is le chiavi, right? :)


Yes I think so


Thanks this was very helpful


Most likely due to the origins of the word, which f.formica probably knows. Some words came from origins that don't necessarily follow general rules, others have been shortened and appear to break the rules--I think one such is la foto, which is actually shortened from "fotografia".

And never try to turn "foto" into a plural with a masculine ending. I'm told it's a very bad word.


Yeah that word would be "fottiti" which i guess would sound like "foti" if you pluralized "foto" in the masculine form. Its another word that meams the same as "vaffan***o".


I'm really confused by the correct answer being "...le chiavi". I would have expected EITHER "le chiave" OR "i chiavi", but not "le chiavi" - anyone??


why is 'chiavi' feminine?


That's just Italian for you, the same reason why tiger is feminine in Italian.

[deactivated user]

    La chiave = original feminine single Le = plural, and chiavi (changes for plural)


    "Hanno le chiavi" was rejected. I think "hanno" is clearly defining the person, so I really don't understand why. I did it in timed practice and still have to find the way to report it—but should I?


    I put that and it was accepted as of Sept 28, 2016


    Was it a choose all correct answers question like I just had? Because hanno le chiavi is definitely correct but there was also loro hanno le chiavi to pick as well

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