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Forcing self into A/B test

I'm not going to say how I did it, but I was wondering if it would work and it did. Are we supposed to be able to do this?

December 12, 2014



The point of A/B testing is to evenly divide your test subjects into two groups in order to statistically monitor how each group responds to the tests. If users can change from group to group freely, then it defeats the purpose of A/B testing. (Granted a couple of users won't destroy the data they're collecting, but if your method was published for everyone to see, then it could affect their data.)

While I'd love to switch groups to use the new strength bar instead of hearts, I wouldn't out of respect for Duo and their methodologies. That's just my 2 cents though.


Yes, I switched back as soon as I realized what I had actually achieved. I realize it could be disastrous to the data...


disastrous may be a bit of a stretch, but it isn't good :)
I think you are reverted back into your original group once the website is reloaded anyway, so it seems like a pain to me to have to set your group each time you wanted to use duolingo.


Indeed, it is only for a current page load which because of the way Duolingo is made works quite well. You can browse almost the entire site on a single page load (almost.)

And, if more people than just myself were to do it then I can see it becoming disastrous which is what I meant by that.

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