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"I am going to Germany next week."

Translation:Ik ga volgende week naar Duitsland.

December 12, 2014



Why "Ik reis naar Duitsland volgende week" was rejected?


Ik reis = I travel / am travelling

While I'm going to Germany next week may include some amount of travelling (getting from a to b) the distance etc. may not warrant the use of to travel.

To give a bit more context, a lot of people live close to the German border and might go to Germany for some shopping. For some the shop in Germany might be closer than a similar shop in the Netherlands. So when they are going to Germany using reizen is similar to saying you are travelling to the nearest shop etc..


Well, given what you say and my poor planning capacity for me that sentence would be timed within the next ten minutes rather than next week :) But I see your point, thank you.


Ik ga naar Duitsland volgende week. Should be fine aswell


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How about 'Ik zal volgende week naar Duitsland gaan'?

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