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  5. "Vi kan godt svømme."

"Vi kan godt svømme."

Translation:We know how to swim.

December 12, 2014


[deactivated user]

    Why is "we can swim well" incorrect?


    Jeg svarede "we can swim well" men det blev afvist. Afhænger det af placeringen af biordet (i.e. "vi kan godt svømme" betyder ikke samme ting som "vi kan svømme godt")?


    They knew how to swim but drowned because they never practised. Where has the expertise gone in the translation?


    Is "good" as an adverb always used in the neuter form "godt"?


    The adverb of "god" simply is "godt", yes.


    This implies the ability to swim and may be how some Danes say I know how to do it by saying "vi can godt" but this is not a good translation of ability to do something.


    So, let me get this right. You say that "we know how to swim" is about having the ability to swim. And the Danish sentence "Vi kan godt svømme." is about the ability to swim, so both sentences express the same. What is the issue?


    I agree with the other comments. We can swim well should be accepted


    It really shouldn’t. This sentence is not about how well you swim.“.

    “Godt” is an affirmation, a reassurance here, and “kan godt” translates to “know how”.

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