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Quick reaction will allow you to do swedish lessons on mobile devices.

It seems that it's possible to do swedish lessons on mobile devices. Works best on 3G connection (slower one). The trick is to tap the 'strengthen' button before the message "unsupported language" appears and you are set to practice Swedish. If after 1 session the "unsupported language" message appears, just restart the app and test your reaction again ;)

December 12, 2014



Is this on Android? I tried on iOS and while I can access the tree, I can't do any lessons or strengthening.


I tried android and ios, both work. When I start the app on iOS it shows me the tree but in 1 second or so shows the message "unsupported language" and gives the list of supported languages to choose from. If I manage to tap "strengthen skills" button before the message appears I can do the strengthen lesson.


I can see/hear the first question but it throws me back to the tree before I have time to answer it and it doesn't let me access the lessons from the tree.


that's strange. Maybe you have some older version of the app or something like that. I run on iPad with iOS 7.1.2 (older version of iOS). maybe that's the reason. I can do the whole session before it 'kicks me back' to the 'unsupported language' message. It seems to be very specific but in the system then.


I have the newest version of the app and iOS on iPhone 5. Seems strange whatever the reason is.


Same here latest update on iPhone 6 Have the same issue with you and the only thing that works is something harder, open the app and then tap any lesson that you find (finished one) and then tap the strengthen card which is the last Might take you some time to become faster than the unsupported message, all of that has to happen in 2 seconds the most, but it works 100% Edit: never finish a lesson fully it will show you the unsupported message after xp calculation, tap quit when you reach the last question , also tapping home button and showing the control panel and sliding down notifications show the message again ;)


It's possible, though the xp earned from that practice session does not count towards the annoying coach.


I've tried multiple times to and only some of the sessions give XP points. I can't figure out what it depends on.


What I've been doing is accessing it through a web browser on my phone. I wouldn't say it's ideal, a bit of a faff to use. But it works as if I'm on the computer.

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