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"The Baltic Sea is not so big."

Translation:Östersjön är inte så stor.

December 12, 2014



So the Baltic Sea is literally "East Lake"?


Yup. a sea = ett hav. (though sjö is used about seas in more expressions than this one).


Thanks. That will help me remember it. I try to find as many tricks as I can to remember the words. Even though English and Swedish have a lot of cognates, I try to find the common ground or the thinking behind it to help my brain store it.


I AM CONFUSED. WHAT AM I MISSING HERE? why Stor and not stort, when we say storbritannein är stort? i dont get the difference


Countries and cities are treated as ett gender words, so Storbritannien is stort. But Östersjön is an en gender word, so it is stor, just like sjö.


ok so cities and countries are ett words. i forgot that, thanks so much!


I thought all things geographical were "stort"


No Östersjönen (the Baltic Sea)?


The -n at the end is the definite.


Ah, of course, lake is sjö. Merci beaucoup.

[deactivated user]

    A Swede I know uses "baltiska havet"


    Can someone give me a rule to understand why this isn't 'så stor inte'. I mean I guessed 'inte så stor' correctly but I just thought when using not, 'inte' moves to the end of thing your describing as a negative


    "Inte" goes after the verb in a main clause, but before it in a subclause.

    In German and Dutch, the negation (nicht and niet respectively) often goes at the end of the main clause, but note that Swedish does not do this with sentences where the object isn't a personal pronoun.


    Do they call it "Västersjön" in Finland?

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