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  5. "Hunden spiser den."

"Hunden spiser den."

Translation:The dog is eating it.

December 12, 2014



To create a complete thought, could I say: "Jeg spiser ikke min mad...hunden spiser den!"


Does ending (meaning 'det' or 'den' depend on the subject?


That's not comprehensible, but I think you might be asking how to correctly use det versus den. They both mean "it" (i.e. they are third-person singular pronouns that refer to inanimates), and they agree by gender. Det is the neuter form (which you would use in reference to a neuter noun like huset), and den is the common form (which you would use in reference to a common-gender noun like olien).


So since we don't know what's being eaten, should "det" be possible?


I understand your message but don't grasp the concept of common and neuter gender words. I expect it will eventually make sense. Meanwhile I love your multilingual name, bear vs horse


I didn't hear the last word I just heard the the dog and eating


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Until now "it" has been "det." For instance, "De har det." "Den" has been given multiple times as "the" which made no sense, so iI thought it was a typo for "them."


I just finished a word matching exercise that said den meant the. Does it mean both, or should I have reported that?


Lots of missing or incorrect audio recordings from "dn" for "den" to "ve-etaren" installed of "vegetaren". Duolingo, fix your stuff!


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