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Review after practice session ends

During a timed practice session if you run out of time while answering a question it disappears. I think after sessions are over you should be able to go back and review your previous questions and answers. After you finish reviewing you should be able to press continue to see your coins and strengthened words. Anyway I LOVE this site! Thanks for the great and fun work and good luck to all my fellow language learners.

July 14, 2013



I totally agree. I find the timed practice really fun, but end up rushing through incorrect answers to keep moving forward. I think a post-practice review would be helpful for those wanting to work on things they got incorrect.


This has probably been brought up elsewhere, but another benefit to this would be the ability to go back and read the discussions associated with the phrases or sentences you got wrong.

It just happened to me where I got a timed practice question wrong and noticed that there was a lengthy discussion to go along with that sentence, but the clock hit 0:00 before I could click on it. Now I have no idea how to go about finding that discussion again.


This. Yes. Please. I have mostly abandoned timed practice largely for this reason.


I totally agree! I want to know why I got the answer wrong/what the right answer is!


I would also like to tack on a suggestion to provide an explanation/solution to the last item encountered after time has expired. I'm often rushing to submit as time winds down just to find out what the correct answer to the last prompt is.

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