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"Han är arkitekt eller ingenjör."

Translation:He is an architect or an engineer.

December 12, 2014



The pronunciation of "ingenjör" sounds different when she says the sentence together vs. when you hover over the word. Is this a technical issue or is there a valid reason for that?


Must be some technical reason, however both those pronunciations are OK. Different speakers have different preferences but neither of them are strongly dialectal.


How to pronounce arkitekt? /ɕɪ/ or /kɪ/?


Most people say /ɕɪ/ like the Voice does, but you can also say /kɪ/ . There are regularly big controversies about the pronunciation of this word, but really, both ways are perfectly OK. Professionals tend to use the /kɪ/ way and it could be considered more prestigious.


Thank you Arnauti. :)


duolingo killed me on a grammar mistake. put a instead of an. :P


Duo is very picky about a/an, so be careful with these.


Why isn't the g hard like we say in ingen?


ingenjör has a special pronunciation because it is a loan word. (from French)


I'm native french (canadian) ; would you say the way french pronounces the "G" in "ingenjor" (like the long sentence recording) is a preferable way to say it ??? That would be nice to know for me! (crossing fingers)


Not quite sure what you mean, do you mean the slow recording vs the normal speed recording or the normal speed recording vs the separate word?


The normal speed ; is it as it should be prefered ? (like a french "G" would sound)


Swedish doesn't really have the voiced ʒ sound as in French (e.g. joue), so most people use the typical Swedish ɧ sound ("the sj-sound"). Some people use a ʃ sound (e.g. like in chou). But it varies quite a bit among different speakers, so it really doesn't matter much which one of these three you pick. What's important is that the G in ingenjör can't be prounounced as a Swedish G or J sound.

(I listened to French sounds here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_phonology and you can hear the sj-sound here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sj-sound)


This course needs a unit devoted to pronunciation. Every time I think I know all of the pronunciations of a letter, a new one comes along. This must be how learning English spelling feels.


I cannot find the article in the Swedish sentence. (en or ett)


It's not needed for professions.


Got this one wrong because it didn't give me 2 an's to use


If you got it as building blocks in English, you don't really need two an's. He is an architect or engineer is also correct.


Ah that's true too. Wondering how he got it wrong then...


This sentence doesn't have any articles if that's what you mean.


Just like how it's pronounced in Indonesian: insinyur.


As an engineer, I am deeply offended by this statement.

Just kidding, I'm not that think skinned...


Unfortunately there are often sentences without any sense...

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