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  5. "I put the book on the shelf."

"I put the book on the shelf."

Translation:Jag ställde boken i hyllan.

December 12, 2014



There appears to be different times to use different forms of "put". Can anyone explain when it is appropriate to use "stallde" vs "lade" vs any other form?


I recently wrote something about it here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5926617


Based on your reply in the link, what would the bottle be doing if it were "sätter"ing? Where does this intermediate position hover/when is its appropriate use? This is something that, as a polyglot, I'm still struggling with... :[


I wrote 'jag lade boken i hyllan' but it was not correct. So is it some rules like after "lade" we have to use the preposition "på", after "ställde" - "i", or what?


Are you sure you didn't make some kind of typo? I put "Jag lade boken i hyllan" and it was accepted.


The English sentence could be in the past or the present - both translations should be accepted.


They are. The present version is Jag ställer boken i hyllan, and it's accepted.


I understand the difference between lade and stallde, but you can put a book flat or upright on a shelf, so why is lade wrong?


shouldn't this be på hyllan?


Either way works. :)


Säger man vanligen i hyllan? Jag personligen skulle säga i bokhyllan men hyllan. Kanske bara är jag som säger fel =P


För mig funkar båda, men det kan också bero på hur hyllan ser ut. Om det bara är en lös hylla på väggen så blir det nog på, men om det är typ ett hyllplan i en Billy-hylla man menar så funkar "i" bra.


Ja, det har du rätt. Det var så jag tänkte med typ en Billy-hylla (i) eller en lös hylla (på). :)


I understood what was written in Swedish until I got to the part about Billy-hylla. It is clearly a joke. While it is good practice to ask questions in Swedish it doesn't help those who are still in the earlier learning stages and can't understand the questions ordinarily the answers.


"Billy" is the name of one of Ikea's most famous shelving systems. Also, that comment is over five years old, so I doubt Jitt91 will see the reply. :)


I put "Jag lade bocken i hyllan" why is this wrong?


Jag lade bocken i hyllan = I put the goat on the shelf


Ah. *Boken Although goats are my favourite animal!


I looked for a preposition that meant on and found none. The given translation was "i hyllan" but there was no "i" to choose!


is also accepted but I assume that didn't show either.

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